Blackhaus is a creative boutique specialized in high-end architectural visualization.

Blackhaus founder Fernando Gasperin requested a brand refresh: a new logo and a content marketing strategy.

Our objective was to add institutional formality to the brand and develop a visual identity that reflects the sophistication of the product. We also needed to create a brand structure that would support various applications and a future expansion of the company.

Source: Blackhaus, Reflection Project

Contemporary refinement

Up until our engagement with Blackhaus, the product itself determined the visual feel. Its cohesiveness was driven by the clear aesthetic directed personally by the founders. To translate this onto the brand and systemize it we studied the product and defined its main principles. High aesthetic taste, an atmospheric environment, and craftsmanship are all elements of the product making process, leading to sophistication and refinement being the core brand attributes.

These key concepts acted as a guideline for the feel we want from the logo dictating the choice of proportion, serifs and other features of the logotype.

Speaking spaces

We developed a strategy that would support the brand’s aim of becoming an institutional reference in the industry. Doing so while maintaining the 3D digital art audience and speaking to interior designers and real estate developers.

In parallel we provided a breakdown of content specific to relevant social media outlets to help Blackhaus maintain coherence in its brand messages, reflecting a reliable brand to collaborate with.

“We create visuals for a design and luxury driven culture and having someone who deeply understood our brand’s philosophy was essential in re-creating our company’s logotype and marketing strategy.

Throughout this process Leen’s work has been essential. Our company since has evolved as an international brand.”

Fernando Gasperin, Executive Director of Blackhaus

  • Client: Blackhaus Studio
  • Scope: Brand Development, Social Media Strategy
  • Visual Development in collaboration with Bruno Lucini