Glitch in the branding process

The glitch in the branding system is causing many to have fluff brands which may or may not match what they’re doing leading to a possible downfall or rise.
There are times when the client themselves do not know what exactly their product is, is it a line of playful jewellery or is it more … They do not know and that is ok in the beginning. As I chated with a young entrepreneur I realized that there are cases where one simply does not know and that is o.k. How can I be of help though? If the potential client has no specific product, no specific market and in a way has no business or branding strategy. This type of case used to agitate me since I like to plan and come up with key concepts before producing visuals.
I think I have reached a solution I can feel good about, in such cases I should produce a more encompassing generalist branding but the key is to produce it well! It is one thing to have a brand out there looking like it was a generic template but it is another case when it looks tacky or low quality. So to help those who have no idea yet and still need a business card, packaging, a social media campaign etc I would suggest to product the most inspiring visual products of the highest quality, till it is time to root a brand with a strategy and more stable visual system.
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