Leen Kondakji was born in Homs, Syria 1989 then lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and Beirut, Lebanon before settling in Milan, Italy.
She grew up in an artistic family whom she is close to. Her contribution to the family business included development of concepts, art direction and visual graphics.
Leen is educated in premedical science, philosophy and design all of which find a way back into her thoughts, lifestyle and her work process.
She now has her own little family and artistic practice.


No social media accounts so for updates drop an email or check-in again soon.

When I was a student I wasn’t aware of the fact that taking a clear side (this or that) (this, not that) was an easier argument and paper to write than making the case for the in-betweens. It isn’t because I was indecisive that I would mostly be discussing the grey but because I really saw myself – identified- with it. Now I realize that and I’ve internalized life’s grey-ness, life is grey and my greyness is in harmony with it.


The pandemic of social media, marketing, market saturation, people’s knowledge of brand power etc makes it quasi impossible for one to choose GREY because then “what are you really?” “what do you represent?” “what’s your mission?” “what are your VALUES?” (values here used as a marketing term), speaking of people as individual brands who have to answer those things and present them to the world in an accessible manner and visually cohesive way with clear messaging. I used to love setting up brand strategies , when I used to take such projects, but we can’t ask of individuals to strategize themselves. It’s taking side picking and role choosing to a whole new level. Someone who isn’t assigned a job TITLE by an institute has to do it for himself, for his cv for linkedin etc, but what can he put? Stress, anxiety and the likes settle in and popup at every little decision-making moment to collectively create a life one wants to numb himself from. To do that we scroll infinitely through trash content, advertising or through profiles of those who DO seem to have made it with the whole consistent MISSION-VISION thing. The more branded online presence is, the more thoughts one gives, even unconsciously, to the grey aspects of life that seem to be negatively unresolved.